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Hard Work
Should Create
Opportunities for
a Good Life


Our mission is to build issue majorities and political power  for policies that improve the lives of hardworking Arizonans.

We envision a future where all Arizonans  earn a dignified living with access to affordable healthcare and housing.

We believe that...

Arizonans are hardworking, self-sufficient people, and we deserve leaders that work as hard as we do to ensure our access to good jobs, a great education, and affordable healthcare.

Hardworking Arizonans step up when the right opportunities are available. Elected officials should be held accountable to producing those opportunities for their constituents – not for corporations and the super-rich.

Voters expect their elected officials to act with integrity – like they do. Leading with integrity should be applauded and those acting without it should be held accountable.


Our issue priorities are...

Corporate Accountability

Why are big corporations treated better than everyday Arizonans?


It's time for Arizona's leaders to level the playing field and put families and small businesses above corporations and special interests.

Housing Affordability

Finding a home shouldn’t break the bank, and no one should be forced into homelessness or give up their home because of skyrocketing costs.

There is no single solution, but we have to start somewhere, and we have to ensure our leaders are taking real action.

Free and Fair Elections

There is nothing more important to freedom than the fundamental right for all citizens to vote in free and secure elections.


Unfortunately, from efforts to sow distrust in elections to barriers making it more difficult to vote, our constitutional rights are at risk. We must protect our democracy.

Town Halls on the Issues

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