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Free and Fair Elections

There is nothing more important to freedom than the fundamental right for all citizens to vote in free and secure elections. Unfortunately, MAGA Republicans attacked our freedom to vote last session for political gain. Despite these efforts, our election infrastructure including vote by mail, early voting, and ballot drop boxes remain in place. With the 2024 legislative session here, the fight to protect the freedom to vote is not over. 

Maintaining free elections isn’t a partisan issue. At Opportunity Arizona, we will work with elected officials, community leaders, and citizens from across our state to ensure our elections survive the ongoing attacks from partisan extremists. Every Arizonan should have the ability to have their voice and their vote fairly heard in our democracy.

Learn About The Issue
Use Your Freedom to Vote

Key Information on the Issue

Vetoed and defeated bills that attacked the freedom to vote

HB2415: Purged voters from the Active Early Voter List (AEVL) if they failed to vote an early ballot in a single election.

SB1170: Limited the use and availability of secure ballot drop boxes, particularly in Native American communities.

SB1518: Would remove the guarantee of a secret ballot by requiring images of all ballots to be posted online.


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