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College Affordability is Key to Economic Mobility 

The increasing cost of higher education is putting a lot of strain on many families, but making college accessible is essential for the success of our students and our state. It provides young Arizonans with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue fulfilling careers, ignite economic growth, and build a foundation for their families’ futures.


The opportunity to go to college should come from hard work and a dedication to learning, not family wealth. The Arizona Promise Program helps low-income students who worked hard for their college acceptance — the students that have been most excluded from these opportunities in the past — can continue towards a successful future.

Take Action!

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Governor Hobbs and legislative champions invested a total of $40 million in the Arizona Promise Program. This investment in education funding makes higher education more accessible and affordable to Arizona's students. Our Governor and champion lawmakers worked hard to allocate this great education investment, and you can send them a thanks by filling out the form below:

Our Champions

Governor Katie Hobbs

Representative Lorena Austin

Senator Christine Marsh

Representative Laura Terech

Senator Eva Burch

Representative Keith Seaman

Representative Seth Blattman

Representative Judy Schwiebert

Representative Judy Schwiebert

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