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Lawmakers Can Lower Costs
and Provide Tools
to Save for Your Future

With the rise in cost of living, Arizonans are struggling to keep their

head above water. Arizona families shouldn't have to live paycheck to paycheck. They should be able to save for the future and have stability. Elected officials need to work on lowering prices on essential goods

for everyday Arizonans. 

That's why Democrats at the Legislature are working to provide tools

for Arizonans to build a better life. Long-term solutions for Arizonans

to live a happy and stable life include retirement options, affordable housing, and minimizing junk fees.

Work and Save for Retirement

Arizonans for Homeownership

How Democrats Are Providing You
With Tools to Build a Better Life


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Sponsored by Representative Lorena Austin

Ensures retirement security for all workers by opening up access to an optional workplace savings program, at no cost to their employer, which will allow thousands of Arizonans to finally start saving part of their paycheck in an IRA.

Take Action!

Email your lawmaker to support these bills to lower costs. Your lawmaker's support is crucial in ensuring these bills become law. Complete the form below to email your lawmaker. 

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