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About Ballot Arguments

Any Arizona voter can submit a ballot argument FOR or AGAINST a proposition. The ballot argument will be printed exactly as submitted in the Publicity Pamphlet. Voters will receive this pamphlet prior to the November election which will contain these arguments, voting, and election information.

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SCR1044 and SCR1040 pose a threat to Arizonans and could potentially make it onto November's ballot. You can help by preparing to submit ballot arguments AGAINST both SCR1044 and SCR1040 in the event that these referrals make it onto the ballot.

Writing Your Own Ballot Argument

SCR1044 will get rid of judicial retention and diminish Arizona's voters ability to hold judges accountable. This will allow Arizona's judiciary members to keep their position as a judge until the retirement age of 70. This measure will also invalidate the current judicial retention results on Justices Clint Bolick and Kathryn King but then restart judicial retention elections again in 10 years—after Governor Hobbs makes her own judicial appointments. Republicans want SCR1044 for their own political gain and agenda.

SCR1040 will reduce the minimum wage for tipped workers by 25%. This is being disguised by corporations as "protecting" tipped workers when it is actually reducing the minimum wage for them. Arizona law already allows corporations to pay tipped workers less than the minimum wage and if SCR1040 were to pass today, they could pay workers $3.58 less than the current minimum wage. SCR1040 will harm Arizonans by lowering their income in a time of rising prices.

General Information on Submitting a Ballot Argument

Word limit: cannot exceed 300 words.

Submission portal closes July 3rd 11:59pm.

Include "VOTE NO" at least twice in the ballot argument. Recommended once in the beginning and second in the end.

$75 fee per submission. If the fee is an obstacle, please continue to fill out the submission form below and we will contact you.

Ballot arguments are printed exactly as submitted. Please check for grammar and spelling. 


Submit Your Own Ballot Argument

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