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Help Stop Attacks on Reproductive Freedom


Arizona voters do not deserve to be scammed by their lawmakers but that's exactly what Republican legislators intend to do through anti-abortion referrals.

Here's how they are doing it:

A referral is a type of bill that cannot be vetoed by Governor Hobbs.


Referrals must get enough votes in the Senate and the House to keep moving.

After lawmakers approve referrals, they make it onto November's ballot for voters to vote on. 

We can expect a longer ballot in November's election due to other approved referrals from Republicans.


Too many questions on a ballot can overwhelm and confuse voters.

The referrals that attack reproductive freedom are designed to conflict with the Arizona for Abortion Access Initiative and to ban abortion. Republican lawmakers are essentially blocking Arizonans’ reproductive freedom and scamming voters at the same time. Arizonans have a right to reproductive freedom and making their own healthcare decisions.


Use this form to tell your lawmaker:

Vote NO on Referrals that Attack

Our Reproductive Freedom!

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